Flinders Ranges and Outback Four Wheel Driving

Head off-road

Capture priceless views of the Flinders Ranges and outback South Australia holiday from the comfort of a four-wheel drive (4WD).

Four wheel driving, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

A 4WD journey let’s you really feel the outback of Australia. Cross rugged peaks and rippled, red sand. See spectacular bird and wildlife. Drive along the Birdsville Track or Oodnadatta Track. See sky bluer than in any city.

Drive safely

Always check for up to date information before travelling on four wheel drive (4WD) tracks in the Flinders Ranges and South Australian outback. Take adequate food, water and petrol in case of a breakdown. Tell someone where you’re going. When travelling in remote areas, carry a satellite phone in case of emergencies. Regular mobile phones will not work.

Four wheel drives are different from normal passenger cars. They have a higher centre of gravity and therefore are more likely to roll-over. Take extra care, especially when your 4WD is heavily loaded and you’re driving on dirt roads.

It’s important you know how to use the vehicle’s tool kit and wheel jack and what to do if you get bogged in mud or sand. You must know how to operate the 4WD system and freewheeling hubs.

You always need to prepare carefully for any travel in remote country. Do not overload roof racks and always plan fuel usage. Fill up with petrol whenever you get the opportunity, because petrol stations in remote towns may not always be open.

There are many reputable 4WD guides available. The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) in Adelaide is a good place to visit before you set off.

See this explorer’s paradise in style and let a guide do all the driving. Camp out in “million-star” accommodation or relax in the comfort of a resort.

4WD hire is available in Adelaide, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy and Alice Springs.

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