Kangaroo Island Beaches

Australia’s best beaches

After visiting Kangaroo Island, you’ll have a new favourite beach. It could be Vivonne Bay, once judged Australia’s best beach because of its long, curved shape and white sand.

Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island

That title could apply to many beaches here, as there are many beautiful bays and beaches. Some of South Australia’s best diving is right here. The colours are blinding. There are exotic sponges and you might even see an elusive leafy sea dragon.

Catch a wave

Surfing on Kangaroo Island is a well kept secret. There are great sheltered beaches. Bring your board and surf in stunning isolation. Stokes Bay, Vivonne Bay and Pennington Bay are all perfect for beginners. Weather conditions produce quality breaks for experienced surfers too. Check the free Kangaroo Island Surfing Guide for more details.

Visit Kangaroo Island. Life’s a beach!

Diving charters

Explore Kangaroo Island’s stormy past and dive to one of the area’s many shipwrecks. Make sure you take a diving buddy or book an accredited diving charter.

A fishing paradise

A fishing charter guarantees a great catch. Several companies based on the island will take you out for a day (or longer). There's even one that starts at Cape Jervis on the mainland.

Eco friendly

We’re proud of Kangaroo Island’s environment and preserving it is important to us. Fishing in aquatic reserves and national park rivers or creeks is banned. It’s illegal to disturb the seabed or take any marine organisms from anywhere on the island.

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Kangaroo Island est riche en événements. En voici quelques-uns qui pourraient vous plaire.

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